The Silhouette Lift® procedure is a relatively new non-surgical alternative to the traditional facelift. It utilizes FDA approved Silhouette® Sutures, which are tiny threads that attach to the facial tissue and allow the doctor to lift and reposition any sagging tissue in the midface.

After applying local anaesthesia, the doctor makes a small incision in the temple or hairline region through which he inserts the sutures so that they anchor to the tissue. The anchors are comprised of small cones that absorb directly into the underlying tissue, and this enables the doctor to then pull the tissue in a manner which is agreeable to the body. Once the lift is successful, the end of the thread is cut and the rest of it retracts under skin where it will remain unnoticed. The entire procedure takes less than 45 minutes and requires no hospitalization.

Effects of the Silhouette Lift® are usually immediate with no side effects apart from some possible minimal bruising or swelling throughout the first week after the procedure. Patients can usually return to their normal activities 1-2 days afterwards, and after 2 weeks any signs of the procedure should disappear. The effects of the Solhouette Lift last 3-5 years after which the procedure can be easily repeated.


wave Anesthesia Local
Clock Operation Time 45 mins
Moon In-Clinic Recovery 30 mins
Clipboard Post-Op Schedule Stitches are removed in 9-10 days.
calendar Full Recovery 2 weeks
Cost Cost from 500 €